We like to get to know our customers.
We aim to establish a good working relationship which allows us to earn your trust and show you that we know what we are talking about.

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Now that we have completed the Desk Top Survey and established the initial viability of your site, we are ready to complete a site visit. The site visit allows us to do two main things:

Firstly we are here to make our introduction and put faces to names! We like to get to know our customers and establish a good working relationship. This allows us to earn your trust and show you that we know what we are talking about.

Secondly, is to ask some more detailed questions about the site and your needs. It also allows us to collect some key information, take photos, choose the best location and get a better feel for the land or buildings; whichever is relevant to your project.

We go through the financial figures with you and explain what a project would involve. We will explain our duties to you as members of the MCS and we will answer all the questions you have. We will also give you an understanding of the costs attached to a typical project and in particular to each stage of the project.

Once we have collected the necessary information we will come away and quote for the project. We can then discuss this in more detail and look to move into the feasibility stages.

Up to this point there is no obligation on your behalf to progress with us, however we do hope that you will find what we offer to be of interest. If all looks good and you want to work with us, we would move into the full feasibility for wind turbines or look to move forward with a structural survey and Energy Performance Assessment (EPC) for solar PV.

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