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Planning and project management

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Planning permission is one of the main considerations that will need to be made before embarking on a wind turbine or solar PV project. All wind turbines that we offer require full planning permission before they can be installed. In many cases solar PV systems benefit from Permitted Development Rights (PDR’s). For larger floor mounted systems or for roof mounted systems that don’t comply with PDR’s, full permission will be required.

National and Regional planning guidelines do support the installation of renewable energy but there are a wide variety of criteria that must be overcome before an application will be approved.

We work hard for each customer that chooses to use our in house services and utilise our experience to achieve a high approval rate of 90%. We have an extensive knowledge of the planning system and of Local and Regional Planning Authorities and their policies.

We know the kind of issues that arise in any planning application and we are fully equipped to manage these potential hurdles. Common issues that will be raised and addressed are; public rights of way, bridleways, proximity to neighbouring properties, Aviation, Ecology, heritage sites, archeology to name just a few.

Our in house planning service allows us to keep a close eye on the progression of each application and will include:

  • Research into relevant policies
  • Assessment of your site highlighting any potential issues
  • Notification to neighbours of development proposal
  • Producing a Planning Design & Access Statement
  • Producing a Planning Justification Statement
  • Producing the necessary scaled maps
  • Producing Zone of Theoretical Visibility maps (ZTV’s)
  • Produce Land and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA’s)
  • Submitting the application onto the Planning Portal
  • Management of application, liaison with planning officer
  • Appeals and withdraw / Re-submissions
  • Ongoing communication with the client
  • Managing third party surveys – Ecology, Noise etc
  • Attendance of committee meetings when required

Project Management

When embarking on a renewable project, it’s important that you work with a company who has the experience and qualifications to control the project from the early stages through to the installation and beyond.

There are a number of key stages within each project, which can be a little daunting if you are not familiar with them. That is why it is so important for each project to be managed and overseen by us.

As a team, we work closely with our customers, communicating with you every step of the way. Our in house team, who has the knowledge to guide your project from early feasibility and planning through to the full installation and registration of your system, will manage your project.

As we have been involved in hundreds of projects over the years we are well prepared for all eventualities. Most projects follow a similar process, which we have been able to tweak and perfect so the majority of projects run without a problem. From time to time problems do arise and when they do, we consult with you and find a solution to quickly rectify the issues.

Over the years we have been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients ranging from the very smallest domestic projects through to large multi million pound projects. This gives us the depth of experience to give any client the confidence to work along side us.

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