Monitor the day to day operation of your system.
Monitoring any installation is important, after all you have made a large investment and you want to be able to see how your investment is performing.

Monitoring and maintenance

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Monitoring any installation is important, after all you have made a large investment and you want to be able to see how your investment is performing. It also gives the user peace of mind whilst maximizing performance.

Local Monitoring

The simplest way to monitor your installation is to use the display on the inverter. You can access the inverter to see what the system is producing on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. You can also see if there are any alarms showing, which could be causing reductions in yield or system performance.

Alternatively, you can install a wireless display, which will transfer any data from the inverter and display it in the comfort of your kitchen or lounge. This is a popular choice with most domestic solar PV installations, as the inverter is often located in a loft space or in a garage. This option is also inexpensive and we often include this within our domestic solar PV packages. An issue with a wind turbine will often be physical, therefore it is easy to identify if there is a problem visually. Any faults will be displayed on the inverters.

Remote monitoring

For larger commercial solar PV systems and large wind turbines, we often install a remote monitoring system, which allows the user to monitor the system via a PC, smart phone or tablet. System data can be transferred by an Ethernet connection, via Bluetooth or a wireless device. Large distances can be covered using these methods but there is not a one size fits all solution. Each site will need to be investigated and an appropriate design made.

Multiple inverters or systems across a number of sites can also be connected together and monitored at the same time, via one account.

The remote monitoring solutions we offer, deliver an in depth overview of how the system is performing. It allows both generator/owner and installer to see the daily performance of the system and will alarm when there is a fault. This will often be communicated to the owner via SMS or will be shown on an online portal.

Comparisons can also be made between several years to see how well the system is performing and to manage the energy usage effectively. The user will receive regular status updates keeping you in touch with your installations operation and your investments progress.

By having a monitoring system installed, we are able to keep in constant communication with the user and we can quickly assess a problem, troubleshooting from the office. This avoids unwanted costs for the user, as many problems can often be resolved without visiting site.

Without a monitoring system in place it can be difficult to identify a fault, which could go undetected for months. By having the monitoring system in place it protects your investment and gives us every opportunity to rectify problems quickly, making sure that you don’t loose out.

Public display

Public displays are popular with schools and businesses that want to promote their green credentials to the public. The display can act as an education tool to pupils showing them the importance of renewables and how we can benefit from clean energy.

For businesses it will help to promote your products or services and will show your dedication to protecting the world we live in. A renewable system can significantly drive down your carbon footprint and a public display is a great way of making this statement clear.

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