LED Lighting Solutions

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LED lighting technology has changed the face of the electrical lighting industry and can offer savings of up to 96% on traditional lighting whilst extending a light’s life by up to 18 times.

Superb consistency of colour and luminosity ensure we can supply products that will last for many years giving our customers energy saving products long into the future.

We can complete a survey of your offices, factory or showroom to see how much changing the installation would cost and the payback period investing in LED lighting solutions would be.

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  • LED Panels
  • LED Batterns
  • LED waterproof fittings
  • LED Firerated downlighters
  • LED Commercial downlighters
  • LED Circular panels
  • LED Commercial bulkheads
  • LED Floodlights
  • LED Emergency Bulkheads
  • LED Strips
  • LED Fluorescent tubes
  • LED Replacement lamps
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