Connecting on to the National Grid.
Establishing the costs associated to connecting back onto the national grid is not only a legal requirement but a vital part of checking a projects viability.

Grid application

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Applying for a new grid connection is an important part of all projects and it is vital that it is managed correctly. Timing is key, as there are long timescales attached to the provision of a quotation from the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and you must usually accept the quote within a limited time scale.

There are two main types of application that can be made to the DNO’s. The first is the budget application, which gives us an opportunity to establish a rough costing for the work to be completed. This is made in the early stages of a project and is usually returned within ten working days from receipt. This will also give us a good idea of the impact this cost will have on the overall project and its viability.

If the DNO provides a no cost quotation for the requested connection, this gives us a green light to move to the next stage of the project. If there were a cost attached, we would consult this with you and evaluate the affects it would have on the viability of the project.

We can usually discuss where the costs are born from with the design engineer, which allows us to decide if we should reduce the system size or find a solution to reduce the cost.

The second of the two applications is the full application to connect. There is a mandatory response time of 45 working days from receipt. If accepted, this is the cost that will be associated with any work that needs completing. This cost usually doesn’t vary more than 10% either side of the budget cost.

Once the quotation has been accepted, any further applications the DNO receive from other parties, who may wish to connect onto the same power lines and transformer, would then incur any costs if applicable.

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