We help you to apply for your Feed In Tariff (FIT) payments.
The FIT application is the final stage of each installation and represents an important part of the process.

FIT application

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General Eligibility

To qualify for eligibility through the FIT scheme, the total installed capacity of any installation must not exceed 5 MW.

Applying for FIT accreditation

There are two routes you can apply for accreditation through, either MCS-FIT or the ROO-FIT route.

MCS-FIT accreditation – for PV and Wind installations which have a Declared Net Capacity up to and including 50kW (microgenerators) and micro CHP installations with a Declared Net Capacity up to and including 2kW. Applications should be submitted to a FIT Licensee (energy supplier) for accreditation.

ROO-FIT accreditation – for PV and Wind installations which have a Declared Net Capacity greater than 50kW and up to and including 5MW and all anaerobic digestion and hydro up to and including 5MW. Applications should be submitted to us for ROO-FIT accreditation.

Eligibility date and period

The eligibility date is the starting point where a generator will receive FIT payments for electricity generated and exported from. The Eligibility Date is defined as the later of the following

  • The date the FIT Licensee receives the fully completed application. (all required documentation must be present)
  • The date Ofgem receive a completed ROO-FIT application
  • The date that the installation was commissioned

Each technology has an individual eligibility period, which has been set out by Ofgem and will start from the eligibility date.

Solar PV – 20 years
Wind turbines – 20 years

How we help you apply

Once the correct route to application has been chosen, the application can begin. The Feed In Tariff (FIT) application process is the final stage of each installation and represents an important part of the process.

It can be complex, which is why we help you to register your system, avoiding unwanted mistakes.

If applying through the MCS route, each FIT Licensee (energy supplier) has a slightly different format for collecting the information but fundamentally they all ask for the same information, which has been set out by Ofgem.

Before making your application, we will provide you with a list of requirements. This gives you time to prepare the necessary information and avoid any unwanted delays in the application process. The typical list is shown below.

Each application requires;

  • An MCS certificate
  • A completed application
  • A signed declaration (solar PV installations only)
  • Proof of ownership (an invoice or contract)
  • Proof of ID (copy of your passport or drivers license)
  • Proof of Address (copy of a rates bill)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (solar PV only)
  • Or an Exemption letter (solar PV only)

Once ready, one of the Investment Renewables team will sit down with you and help you to fill out the application. Once signed off as being correct and true, the application can be submitted.

If your system is greater in size than 50kW, you will apply through the ROO-FIT application route. An online user account will be set up direct with Ofgem, where details of the installation will be added. Ofgem will then review the details of the installed system and once satisfied that all the required information is in place, the system will be approved.

If the installation of the system is likely to span two feed in tariff review dates, the system can be pre registered with Ofgem, allowing a six month period in which to complete the installation. This allows the applicant to secure the current tariff rate available at the time of pre registration. Once the installation has been completed, the pre registration can be converted to a full application.

For a full description of how to apply for the Feed In Tariff scheme please follow this link Ofgem – Applying for FIT’s.

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