There are a number of ways to fund your project…
As the Renewable Energy sector grows, the funding streams available are becoming more widely available to all.

Financing your project

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Renewable projects can be costly and may require you to make a significant financial investment. This said, the investment opportunities available are exceptionally attractive and the returns available on your investment can be high, so need serious consideration.

The vast majority of us do not have the cash available to invest, so we need to look into alternative ways of generating the capital.

Since the introduction of the Feed In Tariffs in April 2010, investing into renewable energy systems really does make financial sense. There are a variety of ways to fund your renewable projects, making Wind and Solar PV more accessible than ever.

As the industry grows, so too does the lending platform. Over the last two years Banks have become very savvy towards lending against renewable energy as they see it as a safe investment.

Where possible we like our clients to purchase their renewable systems using their own funds. This allows for highest profitability and the shortest possible paybacks.

For those that don’t have the capital to develop their own project or don’t wish to release cash funds, there are several ways to raise the money. Financiers, Bank Loans, Equity release against your home (secured borrowing) or Family can all offer viable funding solutions. With domestic Solar PV systems costing as little as £6,000 inc VAT fully installed, returns often reach 15% per annum, making the risk versus reward excellent.

If purchasing a renewable energy system isn’t for you, why not get in touch with us and we can discuss the possibility of installing a free wind turbine. You receive the benefits of free electricity and a possible rental fee, without having to invest a penny.

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