Get paid to generate green energy for a guaranteed twenty years!
The Feed In Tariffs have brought the Renewable Energy sector to life, offering a plethora of investment opportunities to all!

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Feed In Tariffs (FITs) or the ‘ Clean Energy Cashback Scheme ‘ is a Government backed scheme, that pays you a fixed premium rate for generating your own green electricity. The scheme was introduced in April 2010 to encourage the use of renewable energy, driving the UK towards its legally binding renewable targets of 20% of our energy generated by renewables by the year 2020.

The tariffs have been passed under UK Law and are governed by legislation  –  Statutory   Instrument  2010 No. 678, giving you the confidence to invest.

The tariffs are paid by your energy supplier who pass on the costs to all their electricity customers. In short, those who don’t install renewable technology pay for those who do! Tariffs last for 20 years and once your technology is registered, the tariffs are fixed and guaranteed for the full period. Tariffs are RPI index linked and each year the Generation & Export will be adjusted on a pro-rata basis.

Tariff levels will degress over time as the number of installed systems go up, so the quicker you invest the better the returns you receive will be!

All Generation & Export payments are inflation linked to the Retail Price Index (RPI), are tax free for domestic installations and benefit from a reduced VAT rate of 5%. This makes the payments you receive superior to any Bank or ISA savings account. You also secure against rising energy costs and reduce your carbon foot print.


How You benefit from the (FITs):

1. Generation Tariff : You will receive a guaranteed, fixed premium rate for each unit (kWh) of electricity generated onsite. This rate is paid by your energy supplier and is for total generation, regardless of whether you use the electricity or not. A green pat on the back, if you like!

2. Export Tariff : Surplus electricity sold back to the national Grid will receive a further minimum payment of 4.77p / unit (kWh). You may choose to receive this payment from your energy supplier, or you can potentially enhance the value of this payment by negotiating its sale on the open energy market for larger commercial systems.

3. Import Saving : When your system is generating and you are using electricity, you will bypass the grid, taking the electricity directly form your installed technology. This has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of electricity you purchase. Where possible, you are advised to think carefully about the times you use various appliances in order to gain the greatest benefit from your renewable energy system.

“It’s not just about generating green energy, it’s about changing the way we use energy, that’s how you’ll see the greatest returns! ”

Example: If you have a Solar PV array installed, use your appliances in the day time to maximise the usage of the free energy generated from your roof.

Example: If you have a wind turbine installed, use your appliances when it’s most windy to maximise the usage of the free energy.

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