We will complete a thorough assessment of your site.
The report gives you the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of the project and make an informed decision.

Feasibility report

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The Feasibility Report applies mainly to wind turbines, as there tends to be a lot more criteria that needs to be checked compared to a solar PV project. Making sure a site is viable for a wind turbine is vital, as a poorly sited wind turbine will underperform, greatly reducing the income generated.

This is the first service that we charge for in the process and allows us to thoroughly examine your site and produce a report, which will then form the structure of the planning application. It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of the project and make your decision to move forward into planning.

The energy assessor who originally visited your site will present the report to you in person. This advisor will continue to be your point of contact throughout the project, guaranteeing you receive the very highest levels of service.

The key points covered in the report are:

  • Analysis of on-site electricity use
  • Response from DNO and evaluation of costs
  • Prediction of noise levels at nearest dwellings
  • Calculation of the impact of shadow flicker
  • Search for any relevant land designations
  • Investigate potential telecommunications issues
  • Assess likelihood of radar impact with CAA and MOD
  • Advise on national planning policy
  • Calculate area of visual impact
  • Select suitable wind turbines
  • Prepare outline economic profiles
  • Provide clear recommendations on next steps
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