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Customer service and aftercare

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At Investment Renewables we have a strong focus on “Customer Service & Aftercare” and making sure that every single person that we deal with is completely satisfied. If we can deliver a first class service and exceed expectations, we know it’s a job well done.

When purchasing a Wind Turbine or Solar PV system, it’s important to know you can access support throughout the system’s lifetime. From our advisors and installers on site to the maintenance and after care teams, Investment Renewables are proud of our friendly staff and approachability.

You will always receive honest advice and we do our best to be as responsive to your requirements as possible. If we haven’t met your expectations, please tell us. We always want the opportunity to change your mind and to improve for the future.

Once up and running, we see the successful installation of your system as the beginning of our relationship, not the end.

At this stage we have advised you of the correct system to suit your needs, the great yields you may expect and we are confident that your system will deliver for years to come. In the unlikely event that your wind turbine or solar PV system does experience a problem, we will work hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

A well sited system supported by a maintenance package reduces the chance of problems and will generate a healthy income through the Feed In Tariff for a minimum of twenty years. It is therefore vital that wind turbines receive annual maintenance by an accredited supplier, to keep them running smoothly and efficiently.

For solar panels it is rare that they will encounter problems and when they do it can be less obvious than with wind turbines. To make sure your solar PV system is working at its maximum potential, we recommend you fit a monitoring system, you can read more about the features gained by visiting the monitoring and maintenance page.

All our products come with manufacturer warranties but they do vary from company to company. It is always advised that you read the terms of your warranty before the installation of your system. Typical warranties for wind turbines cover you for parts and labour for five years, provided the turbine is maintained and serviced by an accredited installer.

Warranties for solar panels tend to start at 10 years for factory defaults and most of the panels we offer also come with a 25 year linear power output warranty, guaranteeing the panels will degrade at an even rate across their lifetime.

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